Correspondent for global arts. aneskuo@gmail.com. M.A.of History&Theory of Contemporary Art, San Francisco Art Institute,instructed by Jeannene Brzyblyski, Hou Hanru, Claire Daigle. M.A.of Arts Administration, Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Art, is beyond beautiful facade. To inspire the beauty, to tell the truth, to emphasize the greatness of human-beings is art.

I appreciate fine art, be that from woman’s or man’s hands. Not restricted to only focus on female artists, yet, I do enjoy writing about woman artist’s practice. It is natural for me to relate to the social, economic, cultural and political conditions that a woman artist living within, sensibly attach to her art practices and echoing our inner voice without political rhyme.

Gwen Kuan-ying Kuo, a researcher for visual culture, currently at the Ph.D. program of UC Merced. Received M.A. of History and Theory of Contemporary Art at San Francisco Art Institute; M.A. of Arts Administration of Golden Gate University in San Francisco, and B. A. of Chinese Literature of National Taiwan University.

My other women in arts (Chinese) :  http://blog.roodo.com/soundwatch

Activities and Societies:
In Anticipation: 2009 SFAI MA Collaborative
Chinese Artists Network, directed by Abby Chen of Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
Taiwan Women’s Art Association
WomenArts, Berkeley
SFAI Alumni Association
Member of Chinese Artists Network directed by Abby Chen of Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco.
Creative Commons LicenseThe texts of gwenart by Gwen Kuan-ying Kuo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at gwenart.wordpress.com.


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