Miki Yui: Small Sounds, the Cosmos

(Excerpt from Accompaniment for A-O-I-E-U by Cardero Gala through Youtube)
Sitting on the chair, Miki Yui faced to the mixer on the table and concentrated adjusting the sounds with both hands. The sound was from the mixer and from the surroundings, from toy-instruments and found objects which were set up by Rie Nakajima. Yui was so focused on composing the small sounds as if she was weaving fabrics. The experimental music from the environment she was “weaving,” however, intriguingly with the dynamics as Noh, although she managed the sounds simply with digital and analogue equipment. This live performance was composed with different ideas and artistic core of Yui and of Nakajima. The performance A-O-I-E-U however worked as a dialogue between both artists and the surroundings and generated something new, at Experimental Intermedia in New York in 2012. Continue reading


Qin Yufen : Sound, Art, and Asian Aesthetics

Qin Yufen, Wind Without Words, sound installation, 2001

Qin Yufen, Wind Without Words, sound installation, 2001

Qin Yufen, a woman sound artist, born in China and based in Germany for many years. With digital techniques to create sound, Qin further develops the poetic power with her sensibilities of classical Chinese icons. (Click below to see her film clip) Continue reading