Ai Weiwei’s Iconoclastic Action

(“BBC : Ai Weiwei, Without Fear or Favour” from aiweiweidocumentary on Youtube)


Artist Ai Weiwei in Beijing after his release from secret detention in 2011. The play “#aiww: The Arrest of Ai Weiwei” opens in London on April 11. (Andy Wong / Associated Press / February 19, 2013)

Recently dance to Gangnam style with the released handcuff, Ai Weiwei, one of the most global renowned Chinese artists who always embroiled himself in controversy, is also an influential figure who interacts in diverse ways with the rising tides and bubbles of the Chinese art scene. (Read below to see“BBC : Ai Weiwei, Without Fear or Favor” from aiweiweidocumentary) Continue reading


Frida Kahlo’s New Exhibition

The entrance of "Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting" (Photo by AP Photo/David Goldman)

The entrance of “Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting” (Photo by AP Photo/David Goldman)

“Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting” opens on 21st February (Thursday) at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Continue reading

Warholian: The Space between Art and Life

Picture © Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, 1967 (source:

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, 1967(source:

The leading exhibition that Kirk Varnedoe (1946-2003) mounted as MOMA’s director, “High and Low: Modern Art and Popular Culture,” drew criticism from all corners of the art world. Continue reading


Contemporary Art and Global Money

(Damien Hirst’s skull / For the Love of God from ArtPatrolTV on Youtube)

It is a fine art and also a jewelry, with the potential artistic value and increasing market value as well, delicately gilded with platinum and diamonds by the world-famous artist Damien Hirst, “For the Love of God” is a must-buy collection. Continue reading


Qin Yufen : Sound, Art, and Asian Aesthetics

Qin Yufen, Wind Without Words, sound installation, 2001

Qin Yufen, Wind Without Words, sound installation, 2001

Qin Yufen, a woman sound artist, born in China and based in Germany for many years. With digital techniques to create sound, Qin further develops the poetic power with her sensibilities of classical Chinese icons. (Click below to see her film clip) Continue reading